July 16, 2016

Shon Eastridge with a 132lb Bluefin Tuna on the surface iron.

Robert Sunjara with this 75lb Bluefin Tuna, got him on the popper casting into the foamer.

October 2016 trips rolled into one post



September 13, 2015

September 11, 2015

September 4, 2015

August 30, 2015

August 24, 2015

August 23, 2015

August 21, 2015

August 18, 2015

Left King Harbor at about 5am and headed south for about an hour, picked up some nice size sardines from the bait receiver and it was game on from there.  Twenty minutes later I was metering some nice size Yellows at about 40 feet in the zone where the bite had been hot for the past few days.  Within minutes, fish on a so the day began.  Landed the first fish after about 15 minutes and then the bite turned off due to the boat traffic.  So we left that spot and drove 4 miles to another high spot that had been producing.  Anchored up in about 100 feet of water between 2 sport boats that had a nice chum line going.  About 20 minutes later we had a double hookup on some larger fish that were just ripping the line out, time to tighten the drag and hope the 25lb fluorocarbon holds up.  Landed both of the fish about 15 minutes later and they were Toads!!!  Both were about 30 lbs and put up a heck of a fight till the very end.  Continued to fish that spot for the next few hours and ended up landing 8 monster yellowtail.  We had a lot of short bites and spit hooks but hey that's fishing.  The biggest fish went 38lbs and the smallest went 22lbs.  Overall a world class day of fishing with some great people and we all went home with enough Yellowtail for the next year. 

August 13, 2015

Left the harbor at about 6 am with overcast skies.  Glassy conditions but the swell was up and we had to travel 35 miles offshore straight in to it.  Wind ends up picking up about an hour later to make things worse.  About 2 hours later we are on the fishing grounds and the water temperature has dropped drastically within the last 48 hours.  We searched high and low for signs of life through out the first half of the day and there was hardly any kelp paddys, no birds and no good fish reports on channel 72.  Sometimes for fishing you have to think outside the box and it payed off today.  I changed our course and headed to a spot right on the border of Mexico that was producing for me last month.  Within about 2 miles of my GPS mark the mother load paddy with birds all over it appears.  This thing was the size of a barn door and thick.  You could literally of walked on top of it without sinking down into the water.  So I set up our drift and within minutes we have triple hookups and the Dorado are jumping out of the water everywhere.  Game on and in high speed now!!  So I man the gaff and we start getting them on the boat, one after another their hitting the deck.  Drifted the paddy about 10 times and loaded the boat up. I was really excited for the 11 year old on the boat to catch his first Dorado on my watch.  Ended up leaving the paddy in search of Tuna about 2 hours later.  No luck on the Tuna biting today, they were down and weren't hungry as I could see them on my meter about 40 feet.  Trolled in to make our way closer to home till about 4pm with no luck on the troll either.  Reeled in the trollers and made a B line for the harbor.  Overall another great day on the water with a great group of people who love fishing and the ocean as much as me.  

August 4, 2015

Headed offshore about 40 miles to look for paddys and birds.  We sure found life!!!  One paddy we stopped on had Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail jumping out of the water.  Fished it for about 3 hours and when the guys were happy with the fish count we headed for home.  Short, sweet and tons of fish.  Doesn't get much better than that...

July 25, 2015

Headed offshore with 5 clients on Saturday morning. By 7am we had found a monster paddy and right away got hooked up on a nice Yellow. Skunk off the boat for the day. Like the past few mornings we got into the jumping tuna offshore but unlike the other days they wanted to stay in one place and wanted to eat sardines, not just feathers being trolled right into the middle of the puddle frenzy. Within minutes got the Uncle of the group hooked up on a nice YFT. Landed it 15 minutes later and moved on. So I decided to set up 3 trollers with all bright feathers since the day before that was the ticket. After about an hour of trolling I looked back and randomly saw one of the rods bent and bobbing barely but the clicker wasn't screaming out. I yelled at the guys on the bow to grab the rod. I glance back again and see a really small dodo hooked up and jumping to keep up with the boat. The client goes to reel it in and it pops off. He immediatelygrabbed the other troller to crank it in and then all hell broke loose. Within 2 cranks the line is being drainedfrom the reel, I immediately think big tuna. Withingabout 30 seconds the Marlin starts jumping and we areall screaming Marlin!!! So after about and hour and a half fight with me chasing it down with the boat and having it next to the boat 5 times and spooling Harry again and again we tired it out. Finally got it along thestarboard side and the the rope around the tail. Then the celebrating began, cognac out of the bottle andhigh five, tears and hugs all around. Harry Gasabyan who reeled the fish in had been dreaming of catching aMarlin for 20 years and for me to help him make his dream come true was really special. We decided tohead for home since it wouldn't fit in the 5' kill bag andwe wanted to ice it up fully. All the Loma scales wereclosed or non operational at that time some we loadedthe fish up into the truck with an ice jacuzzi and headed to mission bay where the crane was located. Overallone of the best and most rewarding days in my fishing career. It went 95 lbs bled and a little over 8'. Wehappen to have a Gopro on board and captured someamazing underwater footage of the fish next to the boat and taking off on some runs. Video is being edited and I will post it up when its all done. Hope everyone's enjoying this once in a lifetime summer as much as we are. 

July 18, 2015

Despite the weather from Hurricane Dolores we still had a great ay on the water up and down the coast.  Captain Bob Beyer put the group on a nice grade of Tuna and an El Nino Reward which is a mid July Dorado.  Captain Sonny Dawson headed to Catalina Island on a personal trip and got in to some great Yellow Tail action.  Bite was hot all day and the BIG Calico Bass were in full effect inhaling 7" sardines.  Overall a great trio of species caught today by Exotics Fishing.


July 2, 2015

Took the new Grady White down to San Diego!! Sonny picked up this yellow on the way down! Not much time to fish so we didn't spend much time fishing. Looking forward to running trips on the new rig!!

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